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A View from the Top

This software is designed to increase collaboration between the Architect and Contractor when completing a very mundane, and often aggravating, process known as the Punchlist. If you have ever completed any construction project, you know what that dirty word (punchlist) means...headaches, arguments and frictions, time loss, and most notably profit loss.

As an Owner and Real Estate Developer, nothing is more aggravating than dealing with warring Contractors and Architects over the last 5-10% of a project. Who is responsible for what and for how long is a major rub on everyone.

Voila...something to stop this madness. Pinbloop! No more messy punchlists, no more aggravated parties, and no more disgruntled Owner. Everyone working in tandem to effectively and efficiently complete a know what that happy Owner. I can finally take control of my project and start making money (instead of spending it).

Don't miss out...give Pinbloop a try...I am sure the view from the top will not disappoint you!

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