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Pinbloop Punchlist Testimonials


"We needed a solution to solve our own problems, so we made one. Now we can pass it on to you and help you solve yours."

See what our Users are saying about us.


Pinbloop's intuitive interface, logical workflow, speed of use, and automatic report generation have all combined to make our punchlist process much less painful and, dare I say, almost enjoyable..” 


—  Kurt M. Principal, RMH Architects

User Testimonials

"We needed an affordable solution that actually addressed the punchlist process, and I think we've found it. Pinbloop is a great solution for real professionals in the industry! Finally a method to streamline the process that we too often were so frustrated with. When I first used Pinbloop I said to myself, "this is actually fun!" Usually this process was painful and very time consuming. But with Pinbloop our office was able to conduct punchlist in less than half the time, and then issue our findings instantly to the parties involved!" - Chris H, Architect, Coleman Partners Architect LLC - ☼☼☼☼☼

"Pinbloop is the tool you need!  It is easy to use and incredible how much time it saves in the field.  Pinbloop makes the corrective action process simple to follow.  I can share punchlist updates and generate a quality report to the project team with one click of the button!  Excellent customer service too!" - Matt S, Project Manager, Charles Carter Construction - ☼☼☼☼☼

"Pinbloop has streamlined our field report effectiveness.  We have professional looking reports created in nearly half the time as compared to our old method of working.  One of the most important aspects of Pinbloop is the clarity of information transfer between clients.  Using Pinbloop, you have the capability to specifically mark a location, take a picture, and provide instruction to all parties involved.  Existing methods, used in our office,  included listing room names and making notes for each room, sometimes with picture and sometimes not.  That information did not always translate seamlessly to other parties involved.  There is no translation issue with Pinbloop.  Everyone has a plan identifying the issue, a picture of the issue, and the instruction to correct the issue – all in one!" - Jordan F, PE, AST Engineers - ☼☼☼☼☼

"We reviewed several apps during our selection process. Our chosen app needed to work offline, be intuitive in its use, be able to generate reports and be reasonable cost.  Pinbloop checked all of the boxes. Pinbloop's intuitive interface, logical workflow, speed of use, and automatic report generation have all combined to make our punchlist process much less painful and, dare I say, almost enjoyable. Our main goals for updating our punchlist process were to take out the drudgery associated with the punchlist process, improve clarity/communication to the contractors (photos as part of the app are great for this) and speed up what has been historically for us a lengthy process." - Kurt M, Principal, RMH Architects - ☼☼☼☼☼

"Pinbloop was introduced to our company, by one of there co-founders.  At first glance on the introduction I was amazed at how user friendly the program was to control and operate. My first though to myself was, (Now this is something my superintendents who are not accustomed to the use of technology can use); and they do use- This program provided immediate solution of our issue of project closeout with our superintendents and sub-contractors.  The information is organized, updated, disburse in a simply easy to use format. For the pricing of the software, it was completely worth the chance to start to implement into the field, not only for punch list.  We used to track outstanding items during construction to generate reports to send to contractors on items to complete." - Tommy M, Project Manager, Cangelosi Ward General Contractors - ☼☼☼☼☼

"We were looking for a program that would stream line our punchlist process. Something that would allow us to get away from the hand written version that was then transcribed to a formal document. The two part process was a time sucker. The functions that Pinbloop offered was more inline with what we were looking to accomplish from a punchlist standpoint. Other programs were either too complicated or had more functions than what we needed. Speed was huge!  Being able to produce a report without the second step of transcribing was a big deal. Once I got the hang of the work flow with using it, it was fairly easy to navigate and work through a punchlist." - Nick H, Architectural Associate, RMH Architects - ☼☼☼☼

"This particular project did not have a budget to handle a comprehensive PM software, so we were going to have to use Excel to manage the punch list unless we found another means to do so.  That is where Pinbloop came in. We weren’t sure how the software was going to perform, so this was essentially a test run to see if we would promote the software within the company.  Needless to say, we will be promoting the software moving forward.  It worked great! One of our core values is ecstatic customers.  Pinbloop has allowed us to complete the punch list in a shorter period of time, and through more efficient means than would be used otherwise, which has resulted in a happier architect and owner." - Michael G, Project Manager, The Lemoine Company - ☼☼☼☼☼

"One of our pilot projects for Pinbloop is a 1 million square foot, 9 building, 763 unit student housing development... With aggressive punch completion schedules, the need to quickly communicate deficiencies and incomplete work is paramount. We continually measure key parameters during the life-cycle of the project. Pinbloop allows us to track the punch process in a statistical manner, which help make future planning efforts more accurate. Other options on the market don’t quite have all the features of PinBloop.  PinBloop truly is the right answer for project close-out efforts." - Ryan P, Project Manager, The Lemoine Company - ☼☼☼☼

Interesting thing is...

We know what works, because like you, we are the end user. We are made up of Architects, Contractors, Developers, and even Sub Contractors who have spent countless time in the field conducting the work ourselves.

We are not made up of big executives that think they know what it takes to get the job done. We are the Mechanics who have developed their own tool that actually works.


Like you, we've played the game of trying to find a solution to our problems. So we made sure to stay true to our goal, which was to solve our own problems, so we can solve yours.

We've created a product that not only looks the part, but acts the part and we think you're going to like it.

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